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Restoring Your Back-Ups Using R1SOFT

Following Feedback from the last post on our R1Soft Special Offer I am going to outline the ease of which you can easily restore individual files from your R1Soft server.

First Login to your R1Soft backup server and select the server you wish to restore files from.

After you see all the restore points (the ones with blue cylinders next to them), choose a restoration date (the dates are in the names next to the blue cylinders) and click the “+” sign next to that as well. It will open up /home. Do the same for /home, and you should see the structure of your entire site as it was at that restoration point. Browse using the “+” signs into the different folders to find what you want to restore. Click the checkmark box next to any folder or files you want to restore, and click “restore selected files” on the top right. All of the above is depicted below and highlighted below. In the following image, we are restoring the “imgs” folder in “public_html”:

You will be taken to the last step:

The highlighted lines are described below:

Overwrite existing files: If checked, it will overwrite your newer files with your older files that you are restoring

Encrypt file data over network: If checked, the data will be encrypted through the server for more security. This should be used if private information including credit card, contact information, etc is being passed through the files. It will not cause too much of a delay in restoring if checked, but it will slow it down a small amount anyway.

You can now proceed to click “OK” on the bottom right.

At this point, the software will automatically start the restoration of your files and folders. When it is done, the progress bar will stop moving and it will say 100% next to it.

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