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Building Your Cloud Server With Dediserve

Building your first server is extremely quick and simple. To create your server login to the Dediserve billing portal at and select ‘Cloud Machines

On your Cloud Machines overview page, you’ll see your machines listed, these machines are built, they simply represent the products that you’ve purchased. To get started building your server, select your product of choice, in this example – we have two 256MB Cloud machines, we’ll select one of them. On the machine overview page, select ‘Create new virtual machine’ to get started.

Selecting ‘create new virtual machine’ will prompt you for some basic information, such as the servers hostname, the operating system you would like installed, your password, and a range of resource allocation options for system RAM, CPU core allocation and disk space.

In this example, we’re creating a machine based upon CentOS 5.5 x86, using our full 256MB of RAM, 1 CPU Core, and 11GB of diskspace. When you’ve entered the information requested, simply click ‘Create new virtual machine’!

Upon clicking ‘Create new virtual machine’ you’ll be returned to the server overview page with confirmation that ‘Virtual machine has been created successfully’ at this stage, the machine has been sent for provisioning and the deployment will take approximately 5 minutes. During this time the status will remain ‘Pending’ and the lightbulb indicator icon will show inactivate.

Once the machine has been built, the status will indicate ‘on’ and the icon will be lit.
Click on your servers hostname to view advanced controls for the machine.

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