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How to get your API / APP Credentials

Until now, getting your API credentials (used for our iOS and Android Apps too) required contacting our support team.

We’ve never been happy with the delay and slightly reduced security that scenario introduced, so we’re delighted to update our GUI today with the ability to see your API details per resource pool securely in the GUI itself.

When you choose your resource pool, you’ll see a new button on the bottom right of your server list:

New API Button
Click it, and a secure pop-up will confirm your username, password and location / host for API connection!

API Credentials

As always, any questions let us know!

One response to “How to get your API / APP Credentials”

  1. Andre says:

    Thank you for this. I had stopped using the iOS app because getting details for every server was a hustle. Thank you for this.

    Next stop: Maybe a desktop widget for Mac?