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Backup Special Offer


Back-ups in the IT world are very much like house or car insurance, it is something you only ever think about when things go wrong. And unfortunately most companies, especially small to medium ones, tend to completely overlook back-ups until something goes wrong.

This can be for a number of reasons such as:

  • Cost savings
  • Not understanding the importance of back-ups
  • Not having someone with the skill to set them up
  • Simply just forgetting about them

As a partner with R1soft we are delighted to recommend R1soft Continuous Data Protection, Enterprise version 5.0 as the Industry leading server and file / database backup tool. You can read more about this amazing piece of software here:

About R1Soft

Over 200,000 Windows and Linux servers in the world’s largest data centers are protected by R1Soft for server backups. Manage Windows and Linux server backups from one interface and one backup repository.

* High-performance disk-based backups
* Amazingly short backup Windows for Windows and Linux servers
* Centralized Web-based administration
* Affordable and easy to use – Leave no servers unprotected
* Industrial strength storage
* Improve recovery point objectives with CDP
* Cross-platform – Windows and Linux

So to get your New Year off to a safe start we are offering the following solution:

In the cloud of your choice
4 Intel Xeon 2.93Ghz CPU Cores
200 GB SSD (for the backups)
4 Public IP Addresses
Unlimited private IP for backing up over 1gbps Private LAN in the same location
Completely free, unmetered inbound transfer (for backups)
3TB Outbound transfer (for restores)
Normally $115.97 / €105.43 EURO/ £83.28 per month

Included Software and licenses!

  • Running Idera CDP Enterprise Edition 5.0
  • 4x Server Agents
  • (Backup 4 different entire servers!!)
  • Normally $44 / €40 / £31.60 ! per month

Normal Cost

$159.97 / €145.43 / £114.88 per month

Special Offer

$110.00 / €100 / £79 per month

To avail of this special offer simply click on the sign up button below

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* orders must use the promo code to avail of the offer, ensure when you enter the code, the discount is reflected in real time before proceeding.
** Offer is open to new and existing customers but can not replace / migrate an existing account
*** *Any questions – ask!

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