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Happy Valentines ( To your servers)

We’re all feeling the love on Valentines and especially for your servers in dediserve. To celebrate we are offering a special once off admin deal to give your server a once over security update and check.

Included in the deal is the following:

– PHP release update where required
– Firewall installation with brute force protection, port/syn flood protection (denial of service protection)
– Malware detection software installation with daily cron for scanning and reporting
– SSH configuration changes to improve security
– MySQL performance improvements with additional hardening configurations
– Stopping/removal of unnecessary/unused services to improve system security
– Enabled automatic update of control panel security patches and updates
– Disable anonymous FTP logins and anonymous FTP uploads
– Disable FTP password logins for root
– Disable BoxTrapper to prevent anti-spam listings
– Apache configuration changes to enable PCI-Recommended settings
– Apache memory limit configuration to prevent run-away scripts
– Background process killer activiation where available, inc BNC, EggDrop, IRCD, psyBNC etc
– Compiler access disabled for non-root users where applicable
– Shell fork-bomb protection enabled where applicable
– Extended exim logging enabeld where applicable
– Root level .forward added

To order click  Here and the open a ticket with your server login details to our support desk

*Note this is only for Linux servers

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