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Moving To The Cloud – Graphical Overview

For more details on how moving to the dediserve cloud can help your business see our animation below:

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Survive The Dragons With Dediserve

Survive the Dragon's Den with Dediserve

As the term “cloud” becomes more prevalent, and the education and expansion of its use becomes more and more apparent, it’s great to see it in full swing doing exactly what it says on the tin. That’s exactly whats happened on Sunday when a dediserve client- Bang Ecommerce had a website appear on the hugely popular Dragons Den TV show.

Before the appearance, the cloud machine was seamlessly upgraded to 12GB RAM and 6 CPUs and, during the course of their appearance the traffic level sky rocketed but the site stayed online without any impact – meaning every single potential customer and visitor to the site was delivered.

Once the traffic had returned to more normal levels, the machine was scaled back, again without so much as a reboot, ensuring the client only paid for the resources for the short window they were required.

Unfortunately not everyone is as well prepared and using dediserve as every other site that appeared that night went down under the traffic load.

This particular example explains easily the huge benefits of moving to a cloud platform, as before you would have had to shut down the server, manually upgrade the spec of the machine and then boot back up, also traditional physical providers would not allow this for only 3 days and would insist on tying you into a contract for the new resources even if not required ongoing – by moving to the cloud the power is now back in the hand of the consumer.

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From order to server booted in 4 Minutes, 10 Seconds!


From Account Sign-Up, to Building and getting your LAMP Stack cloud server onlineIn Only – 4 minutes and 10 Seconds  – dediserve’s cloud platform – for when you need a server now!

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Ever Wondered What All That Cloud Jargon Meant?

What is Cloud Computing?
Is best described as Spreading your infrastructure needs and requirements across traditional technologies and hardware using virtualisation technologies to provide a higher level of redundancy and availability than was previously achievable at a vastly reduced price.

What is Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)?
Companies no longer rely on hardware vendors for their hardware needs. By outsourcing to a IaaS provider they can easily scale up and down their hardware requirements, without incurring the expense of buying or managing their own hardware.

What is Cloud Storage?
Is the term used when you store your companies data or personal data across the internet onto a cloud infrastructure. As your data is stored across multiple SAN storage devices and not in a single physical location this is referred to as cloud storage.

What are Application Stacks?
Application stacks are a pre-bundled selection of software which allow users to quickly deploy or configure a server by installing all the necessary software or operating system via a one-click install.

What is SAN Storage?
Storage Area Network devices are the large highly redundant and highly reliable servers that sit at the back end of all cloud computing infrastructures and provide the large amount of storage space needed in a typical cloud computing set up

What is a Node?
Used when referring to a physical server within a cloud infrastructure. A node does not contain any customer data and is only utilised for its CPU and RAM

What is Self healing architecture ?
When a node or SAN storage array fails there are additional nodes and SANs which quickly and automatically take the load ensuring continued, uninterrupted service.

What is Failover?
It means that when a node or server fails there is another one in place to immediately take the load and continue serving your webpages or application without interruption.

What is Multi-homed?
Is a process used to increase the reliability and redundancy of the network connection to the hardware, as it removes any single point of failure by bringing multiple internet connections into the platform.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
This is where companies are using software that is not installed on their actual PC , but rather connecting over the internet to access the likes of google docs, email, company intranets and communication tools such as VOIP and messenger services, these are hosted by third partner providers and companies pay for access to the online tools as they need them.

What is Virtualization?
Is taken traditional hardware technology and better utilizing it to get maximum use of it and reduce the costs of deploying additional servers/ this is done by software providing a complete simulation of the underlying hardware, and allowing you to deploy multiple virtual server on a single physical hardware server

What is Os Virtualization?
Is where the virtualization technology sits on the operating system level of the server and allows for multiple isolated user-space instances.The restriction on this type of virtualization is that the multiple virtual machines all have to run on the same operating machine as the overall physical machine.

What is Para-Virtualization?
Allows the virtualization software to sit on the actual hardware level of the server , giving a far greater level of control to each of the virtual machine , users can modify their virtual servers down to a kernel level and install whatever operating system they like, this is what dediserve uses.

What is Virtual KVM Acces?
Is the level of access you receive to your para virtualized virtual server, allowing for you to perform functions such as hard reboots as well as complete power downs

Are we missing anything? Anything you would like to know, feel free to ask and we will add it to the list.

Store Your Offsite Back-Ups In Dediserve’s Cloud

Brand new and just deployed – R1soft and Ahsay backup server templates!!

If you are running servers in the office, in a datacentre, or anywhere, backups are always a concern. With these two new templates, you can get a backup server up and running quick and easy (and offsite) and start backing up those important files in minutes!

The two templates are the world leading R1Soft and Ahsay back-up engines. You can now have your R1Soft or Ahsay server up and running in minutes ensuring real time back-ups of your existing server set-up, all stored on dediserve’s highly redundant cloud platform, with all data kept in Ireland in accordance with the data protection act.

About R1Soft

Over 200,000 Windows and Linux servers in the world’s largest data centers are protected by R1Soft for server backups. Manage Windows and Linux server backups from one interface and one backup repository.

* High-performance disk-based backups
* Amazingly short backup Windows for Windows and Linux servers
* Centralized Web-based administration
* Affordable and easy to use – Leave no servers unprotected
* Industrial strength storage
* Improve recovery point objectives with CDP
* Cross-platform – Windows and Linux

About Ahsay

Ahsay™ Backup Software equips with a full range of enterprise-class features for backing up data stored in database servers, email servers, file servers, desktops and notebooks. Over 1,500,000 worldwide customers are using Ahsay™ in protecting their mission critical data

* Secure Data Protection
* Fast Back-Up Speed
* Comprehensive Backup Report
* Affordable and easy to use – Leave no servers unprotected
* Continuous Data Protection for selected files / folder
* Automatic restart missed backup job
* Cross-platform – Windows and Linux

Happy Christmas From Dediserve

Build your E-commerce Site In Minutes

One of the more popular templates from the huge range that we currently offer, is the e-commerce template Magento.

Magento provides feature-rich eCommerce platforms that offer merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel.

By selecting the magento template on any of our cloud machines, it allows you within minutes to have the default magento installation up and running and ready to configure.

Magento default install page

Our Cloud platform is proving to be a more popular alternative  to legacy technologies down to the cost savings and flexibility, allowing retailers to maximise profit margin from their e-commerce platform.

By allowing them to scale up during a busy period (eg. christmas) and scale back down in february or March when the demand is no longer there, it ensures retailers are not left paying for under utlized hardware for the other ten months of the year, but able to cope with the demand to ensure they can take the increased influx of online orders.

Talk to us today about helping deploy your e-commerce platform.

What is cloud computing?

Not a day goes by that we don’t get asked ‘What is cloud computing?’ – as well as lots of other questions!

In short, there are lots and lots of definitions, but the simplest one we like of the general term is;

“Technology delivered as a service over the internet”.

This covers everything from SAAS (software as a service) like Facebook, Google Apps, Salesforce, to IAAS or Infrastructure as a Service (like the service provided by Dediserve) and lots of things in between.

We define ‘our’ Cloud Service as;

“low-cost, enterprise cloud infrastructure as a platform for secure, compliant IT services and applications”

In other words, we’ve taken over ten years experience in building hosting platforms for websites, ecommerce, applications and data, as well as more than three years experience in building and running an enterprise cloud platform, and applied it to a low cost, super easy to use solution that small business can readily adopt and run with. Leave the complexity, need to change how you work and unpredictable costs at the door, we’re all about easy!

Here’s a few more things we’ve been asked in the last few months!

Where is my data stored? What about privacy and data protection?
Dediserve are based in Ireland and the UK and all data is safely stored in Dublin, Ireland,home to ebay, amazon, google and more. By being an Irish company and holding our data in Ireland in the EU, you can be assured of complete privacy of your data, without being subject to the Patriot acts or similar US or UK based legislation. We are registered with the Data Protection commission.

Isn’t cloud computing billing hard to predict? Will my bills fluctuate?
No. Dediserve are all about simplifying the cloud experience for small business. With our cloud platform you pay a simple fixed amount every month, but can still flex up and down any time you require, the change is simply reflected in your next bill. Complete control, complete predictability, complete visibility. Never stress about your next cloud bill again!

Is dedicated hosting or colocation cheaper in the long run?
Dediserve cloud hosting is designed to be more cost effective than any alternative. With no capital expenditure or maintenance to worry about, no charges for power, cooling, connectivity, transit and everything you need including for a simple, low monthly fee, you can realise significant savings by migrating your dedicated servers, collocated infrastructure, virtual servers and even shared hosting accounts to the dediserve cloud.

Is this very technical or hard to use?
Our easy to use control panels have been designed specifically with small business users in mind. We have API’s and more ‘complicated’ cloud stuff for the techies, but you can do absolutely everything you need via an extremely simple, yet powerful, web interface. Backed up by our 24/7 availability and friendly support, you don’t have to be technical to make the savings in the cloud!

Do I have to contract for an extended period to get these prices?
Absolutely not. Dediserve is all about simplicity. We believe our services, service and price to be good enough to retain your business month after month. There are no contracts, no commitments beyond what you pay for each month and you can change or leave at any time. Unlike other cloud solutions, we don’t lock you in, or put your data in propriety  formats to lock you in technically either.

Are the resources guaranteed? I have a ‘Burstable’ VPS at the moment?
We use the industry leading Xen virtualisation platform, the most common platform in cloud environments. With Xen, there is no overselling, so when we allocate 1GB of ram to a customer, we can’t sell that ram to anyone else. This means that you get exactly what you are paying for, and those resources are guaranteed to you at all times. There is no contention nor competition for resources on the server, ensuring at all times a predictable performance level from your cloud machine.

Have another question? We’re on livechat, at the end of the phone or email around the clock. We’re also happy to meet you, at our place or yours, and have a conversation around how moving to dediserve can save you a significant amount of your IT and hosting budget, while hugely improving the service you receive.

What’s Your Network Really Doing?

One of the Most important aspects of any Web based solutions provider is monitoring what’s actually happening with your machines and what your customers are currently viewing, a key aspect of this is being able to monitor the traffic levels into your machine, to ensure accurate monitoring you need to ideally host these machines offsite on a completely different network to your hosted machines in order to get a third eye view on how things look.

So if you have your hosted servers currently with another provider , have a look at Dediserves current solutions which all make excellent third party monitoring servers. Below i have listed the five most powerful opensource monitoring tools which all run easily on dediserves servers.

1. MRTG – The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is primarily designed to monitor and graph traffic on network links. It is written in Perl, generates HTML with PNG image graphs, updated at configurable intervals. One of the best features is that it creates daily, weekly, and monthly graphs as well. You can monitor any SNMP variable you choose. MRTG is one of the most popular tools  for network monitoring and is used widely in industry.

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Virtualisation – Green And Lean?

Below is a Recent Interview i did for digital Ireland.

What exactly are the green benefits of virtualisation?

Virtualisation dramtically reduces the power consumption of your traditional physical server deployment, as because it allows you to fully utilize all aspects of the server it means a reduction in the volume of servers you need to deploy in order to run your application or website. Virtual servers whilst giving you the exact same functionality consumes less than 5% the power of a physical server
1Kw /Per hour meaning you can run 20 virtual servers off the same power as 1 physical server, reducing your power consumation massively and of course saving on costs.

Are they are cut and dry as ‘virtual servers use less power?

Put simply “yes” , in days gone by you would need to deploy a server for your mail , one of your internal systems , one for your website. Now by utlizing the power of virtualisation you can run all these services of a single machine, meaning less engery used and less expense to companies due to the reduced hardware needed.
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