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Changelog – WHMCS 7 module

We have now updated the WHMCS module to be compatible with WHMCS Version 7, you can find the updated module in the download section of your control panel.

This is for the resource pool module for partners , the VPS module will be launched in the coming week.

Ability to Label all services added to GUI

A small but useful new feature, is the ability to add a custom label to any service.

Customer name, server ID, location – anything you need to help keep track of things!

To edit, just hover over the service name and click on the Edit Label button that appears!


Any feedback just let us know!

Security Enhancement for Server Builds

To help our customers build more secure servers, we’ve improved the Add Server page by prefiling for you a more secure, random password for your server.


Just enter the hostname, pick the template, and adjust the cores, ram and storage you need as normal, and the platform will pick a password for you.

You can see the password any time securely in the GUI, or reset it if needed!

Generate statements on demand now in the GUI

Another small change-log item that will hopefully make life simpler for Financial Controllers, CFO’s and generally those who control the purse strings 🙂


You can now generate a summary Statement PDF at any time, both from the Dash and the Invoices area as below.


Simply click the link to download / open a PDF listing all due payments. Any feedback let us know!

Changelog – Plesk license update

We love automation and simplification – it drives us to constantly improve our services, and the experience we provide our valued customers and partners.

Once a semi-manual process, we’re happy to announce that ordering, provisioning and downloading Of  Plesk keys is now 100% Automated.

Once you have ordered your plesk license and the invoice has been paid, you will be able to click into the license in your control panel and view the license details

Screenshot 2015-04-21 11.22.02

To Download the license to upload and activate your plesk server click into license details to access the download link for the license

Screenshot 2015-04-21 11.22.16

By automating the license generation you can now sign up 24/7 and have instant access to your plesk license

dediserve deploys Geo-Loadbalanced Global site replication


Putting our own clouds to good use, we’ve deployed a network of 7 globally dispersed servers to handle our own web traffic.

With servers now in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dublin, London, Frankfurt and Singapore we’re using a combination of geo-location and AnyCAST DNS to serve you with the site nearest to you, with real time failover between locations. So visitors from Asia, Pacific will now be routed automatically to our Singapore location, delivering a fast and responsive experience. Our platform will determine your location and always send you to the closest server.

This kind of smart content delivery and failover and replication is something dediserve can deliver to ensure 100% availability and uptime for your critical applications and services!

Talk to sales for more!

Looking Glass available for all locations


As part of our ongoing commitment to improve customer experience using our platforms and based on recent feedback, we are happy to announce the launch of a network looking glass page for each of our locations.

A Looking Glass is a piece of software running on a web server that allows external users to get a look at routing and network behavior as it originates from the remote network. A looking glass accesses a remote router and performs either a ping, trace, or one of several show commands allowing a view of the IP and BGP route tables.

You can now easily click between each of our global locations and test speeds to your local connection via ping, host, mtr, and traceroute.

This will ensure you deploy your servers with us on the platform in the location that best suits your needs.

Easily scroll through all the looking glass locations from here.

How to get your API / APP Credentials

Until now, getting your API credentials (used for our iOS and Android Apps too) required contacting our support team.

We’ve never been happy with the delay and slightly reduced security that scenario introduced, so we’re delighted to update our GUI today with the ability to see your API details per resource pool securely in the GUI itself.

When you choose your resource pool, you’ll see a new button on the bottom right of your server list:

New API Button
Click it, and a secure pop-up will confirm your username, password and location / host for API connection!

API Credentials

As always, any questions let us know!

Some small GUI enhancements!

We love our GUI, it makes our service clean, simple, easy to use, but extremely powerful and flexible! Here are a few small improvements we’ve added in our most recent patch.

1: Force Off option

Force off button

You can always power your server on and off using the standard power toggle which tries to gracefully shut your server down. Now we’ve added a small new feature for when your server has hung or is not responsive. Force off is the cloud version of pulling the power out of the back (or holding down the power button) on a physical server. Once it’s done, just power up in the normal way.

2: Snapshot Scheduling

Schedule Snapshots

Under the Storage Tab, you’ll see a list of your disks. You can (as well as scaling and snapshot-ting) now Configure Schedules for snapshots.

The default “auto snapshot’ is a daily rotation (one snapshot per 24 hours, based on when activated).

Snapshot Schedules

Bear in mind you will still need enough Snapshot Storage to accommodate.

3: Add Disks

You can now add Disks to your servers in the GUI. Just click Add Disk from the Storage Tab and you can complete the options.

Disk Add

That’s it for now! If you’ve any questions about any of the changes, just let us know!

Tags now visible in your Resource Listing View

Following feedback from clients with many pools in the same locations, we’ve enhanced the GUI to show you Tags now on the Resource Pools list.

Tags can be easily added to any server from the detail view, and then will show up on the Detail View, Server Listing view, Invoices and now on the Resource View!

Service Tags now list on the Resources View

As always, any feedback let us know!!