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Beta announced of the new dediserve WHMCS Cloud Virtual Datacentre module

Adding to our already hugely popular VPS / VM reselling module for the WHMCS billing and business automation suite, today we announce Beta availability of our new Virtual Datacentre / Resource pool model reseller module.

This module allows you to sell VDC or Resource Pool type cloud services to your clients, fully branded in your WHMCS and have your clients deploy VMs as they need from a flexible resource pool!

For more details, contact your account manager, and to access the module and documentation, follow this link!

Reverse DNS now manageable through the GUI

We’ve been working hard this year on bringing improvements and enhancements to all elements of the dediserve service.

One of our single most common support tickets, is the creation or management of Reverse DNS records (also known as PTR or rDNS or sometimes even RevDNS). These special DNS records point IP addresses back at the domain name that uses them. Closing this ‘loop’ typically ensures better email deliverability and a more trustworthy service.

Ideally, your Reverse entry should mirror your Forward Entry – ie: be the mirror of your servers primary A record and hostname.

For example: Your server hostname is

Your server IP is

Your Forward DNS would be an A record pointing to

Your Reverse DNS would be a PTR record pointing back to

To set this up in the dediserve GUI simply click in to the relevant resource pool, click on the server, then on the network Tab.

Reverse DNS option

On the sub menu, click on Reverse DNS, and you can enter and edit the settings here.

Setting Reverse DNS at dediserve

Click Update, and you are done!

We’ve added details to the KB here

The all new DNS cluster and other networking changes that have made this possible, will also allow us to bring fully whitelabel IP ranges to our partners in the coming week!

helpdesk improvements

Two small improvements have been made to our Support Helpdesk interface!

First up, you can now choose a ‘related service’ for all new tickets. Simply choose the service from the dropdown that the ticket refers to, to help speed up response times!

Choose relatied service when opening support tickets


Second, you can now see a Real Time Averaged response time metric for each support team when you are opening a ticket.

Average Support response time metric

As always, we focus on making life simpler for our valued clients, and love your feedback!

Manage Status Updates Per Location

Once of the most common areas of feedback we received time and time again was the offsite status site providing all customers with updates on a platform issue, even when the customer did not have resources on that particular platform.

We are now happy to say that has been improved and subscribers to our offsite status site at can now select alerts per location and component.

dediserve status


Simply subscribe as normal and on the next page you can then select your subscription management per location


Manage Subs


Existing customers who have already subscribed should now see a “manage” link which will allow them to update their preferences.

dediserve GUI URL Update

To better reflect the function of the dediserve GUI, we felt a URL change would be appropriate.

Old URL:

New URL:

The old URL should push you to the new one automatically. If you have any trouble, clear your browser cache, and try again, if any issue persists do please open a ticket and let us know.

Additionally, we took this opportunity to improve security and assurance with a full Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV).


dediserve WHMCS module new version 1.6

We’ve just released and updated our popular WHMCS partner module.

WHMCS module

Added the ability to manage networks
Added scheduled backups and Snapshot management
Fixed problem with console
Fixed problem with display dates
Other minor fixes
Code refactoring

You can grab the new version here [262KB ZIP]

2014 May 20 – GUI Updates

A few more small GUI improvements to share with you today!

– Rebuild Network

Rebuild Network

In your Server Detail view in the GUI, under the Network Tab, when you add or remove IP addresses, the platform will very helpfully insert the updated configuration into your servers networking config. With this update, you now have the option to ‘force reboot’ and / or ‘required startup’ which will stop the server, insert the config, and boot it, or insert the config and boot a stopped server respectively. This gets around issues where security settings in many servers (most notably Windows servers) would prevent the platform from inserting the configuration previously.


– Firewall rule improvement

Firewall Rule Changes

We’ve added a quick and painless way to Accept or Drop all packets from an IP or Range. Simply leave the Port field empty when submitting the rule, and the platform (once you click to Apply Firewall Rules) will now drop or accept any communication from the Source Address specified.


As always, if you’ve any questions, comments or feedback, we are here to help!

Android App Now Live


We’re thrilled to officially launch our new dediserve Android App! Manage your clouds on the go on your Android device!

Dediserve Android Application v1.0
This application allows users to:
– Login to your Dediserve powered clouds and see statistics
– View account based logs
– Manage Virtual Machines (including creating new virtual machines, edit existing virtual machines, rebuilding virtual machines and more)
– Manage your Load Balancers


To download and test go to Apps and API on our website or download directly via the google play store

Updated WHMCS Module Released

We’ve reacted as always to invaluable partner feedback and requests and have just updated our popular WHMCS Reseller / white label module!

New features:
1. The Console now opens in it’s own window v.s popup (for better white label support)
2. Virtual Machine logs now displayed in detail on their own page
3. Snapshot/backup management Added
4. CPU/Disk/Bandwidth graphs Added

To grab the new version, head over to

To install, simply unpack in your WHMCS install and overwrite the previous module files!

As always, any questions or feedback let us know!

WHMCS Module Now Out Of Beta

whmcs module 2

We are delighted to finally officially release our WHMCS module out of Beta. Many thanks to our loyal beta tasters who provided invaluable feedback during this work.

WHMCS is one of the world’s most popular management platforms for client management, billing & support solutions for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful business automation tool that puts you firmly in control.

With the dediserve module you now have the ability through your existing WHMCS installation giving you the ability to:

  1. Completely white label the cloud
  2. Deliver servers to your users in your brand
  3. All functionality supported

You can see additional details as well as download links to the module as well as full installations and documentation directly from

Any questions, or want to discuss our options and discounts for partners and resellers – open a ticket with Sales, hop on Livechat or email