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End Of Month Special

End of Month June Special Offer – Sign Up for any Cloud Machine pre-paid for the year and get a whooping 50% off the cost  simply use coupon code WSGPGXOV3H5J when signing up, ensure you click the orange button in the promotional code box for it to take effect

Only Valid Until Midnight Thursday the 30th of June.

Terms and conditions apply.

Happy St Patricks Day!! Get a FREE cPanel license for life when you buy a cloud server from Dediserve!



St. Patricks’ Day Offer

Order any server with cPanel at Dediserve until the end of March and have cPanel free, for the life of the server! Visit for instant signup! :

To avail of this super discount simply use coupon code  – 3MQ1OG7KCF7SALC4 when signing up for a new cloud server monthly with cPanel

Special – Free Plesk 100 Domain License

We are currently offering the following Special deal for the rest of the month of February:

– Looking to Migrate from shared hosting and upgrading?
– Want more control over your sites and e-mail?
– Want a server dedicated to the running of your sites?
– Want full root access to manage and install whatever software you like?

For the rest of the month of February – we are offering the following:

1GB Dediserve Cloud Server (44.95 per month – Free Set-Up )
Easy to Use Server Management Interface for reboots, back-ups , re-installs and more.
Free 100 Domain Plesk License – FOREVER – to easily add domains, set-up email and manage your accounts.

We’ll also give you the above completely FREE for the first month to allow you to migrate your sites and settings.

This is a perfect first step for people wishing to resell hosting or improve performance on their current reseller accounts whilst saving on costs.

Use Coupon Code – FreePleskForLife –  when signing up here

So Sign Up Now and Start Moving your hosting set-up into the Cloud.

This is only applicable to new sign-ups. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Win €34,000 For Your Business

Were delighted to announce that as part of the Dublin Web Summit Spark of Genius Competition that we are sponsoring the winning company with up to €10,000 in services ,infrastructure and associated costs.This is part of a total package worth €34,000 to the winning company.

Following the success of the inaugural competition Maples and Calder, in conjunction with the Dublin Web Summit, is delighted to launch the second Spark of Genius competition.

Designed to identify early stage ventures with compelling potential, the Maples and Calder Spark of Genius competition offers start-up web and web related technology companies the opportunity to profile their business to leading Irish and international investors and web entrepreneurs through the Dublin Web Summit. It is an excellent opportunity for the winning company increase profile and secure valuable support for its business through the competition prize

Best of Luck to all the Competitiors, we’ll also be at the Dublin Web Summit on the 29th of October if anyone wishes to meet up.

Super Dedicated Server Deal

With the Launch of Dediserves new website , you might have noticed that we no longer offer dedicated servers , this is due to the fact that our core focus is our virtual server products which we continually work to improve with additional resources and functionality.

However we have approx six servers still available in our Cage , and as such were offering the following server pricing ,for the complete life of the server.

Which means this is the monthly pricing you will pay for the server until you cancel ,this pricing will never change.

We have the following spec and pricing available:

Amount 3 x

Xeon CPU 2.8Ghz
1 x 80GB drive
Operating system – Centos 5.3
Price – €56 per month ex VAT , free set-up

Amount 3 x

Xeon CPU 3.06GHz
2 x 80Gb DRIVES
Operating system – Centos 5.3
Price – €120 per month ex VAT , free set-up

to sign up and avail of these super prices. Once there gone there gone.

March Madness Sale – Get 50% Off

I know the “March Madness” Slogan sounds like something you should be hearing from the owners of furniture stores or supermarkets shouting about their super duper cheap prices, however it does sum up our current offering which is a 50% discount on all VPS servers with us for the first six months.

This means you can get a virtual private server with 512MB guranteed RAM, 30GB San storage, 500GB monthly bandwidth, Full root access,Free back-ups , network and CPU monitoring, remote reboots,allocate additional IP’s and install anyone of our Pre-installed application stacks for as little as €10 per month

Simply use Coupon Code “march-madness” when signing up to avail of the offer.

This offer is until the end of March for new customers.

Free VPS account for One Month

*This offer has  now been filled*

Were currently running a deal for all our Twitter followers, which is get your first month on one of our Virtual512 plans completely free , no strings attached , no set-up fee , and simply cancel at the end of the month if you no longer want it without paying a penny.

So we have decided instead of leaving our blog readers out of this , we will also offer the same deal , simply sign up now for one of our virtual512 plans and put the follow coupon code in when signing up “blogvps10” and you account will be activated straight away.

This is a first come , first served basis and when there gone  , there gone.

DediServe Server Special

Logo - on black

We  Currently Have only one server lying around that we’re offering at a cut-price ,on first come first servered basis.

The server spec includes:

  • 2 x Xeon 3.0Ghz CPU
  • 3Gb RAM
  • 2 x 250Gb SATA drives
  • RAID 1
  • Full Root Access
  • Remote Reboot Capability
  • Unlimited Free IP Addresses with Justification
  • Fully Redundant Cisco Network
  • Secure state of the art data centre facility
  • Web Portal for easy invoice management and ticket tracking
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Operating system – Centos 5.3

Price – €149.95 ex VAT per month , Free Set-up , simply sign up for the dedicatedB server option Here and in the Provisioning Notes box , note it as the special offer.

Your Own Load Balanced Server Cluster for €80 P/M

LVS official logo

With the ever increasing demand of more and more internet traffic , one of the most important facets of any popular website is being able to handle that traffic and remain stable and fast. Downtime can be disastrous forcing customers and also revenue to look elsewhere.

What can be done? The solution is simple, redundancy, redundancy, redundancy. This can be achieved by using hardware and software to build out highly redundant and highly scalable network services. One of the most popular methods is currently load balancing your site across multiple machines.

Load balancing as defined in wikipedia is the following:

a technique to distribute workload evenly across two or more computers, network links, CPUs, hard drives, or other resources, in order to get optimal resource utilization, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload. Using multiple components with load balancing, instead of a single component, may increase reliability through redundancy. The load balancing service is usually provided by a dedicated program or hardware device (such as a multilayer switch or a DNS server).

Now thanks to the Linux Virtual Server Project and the growth of Xen powered Virtual Servers provided by that great company 🙂 , you can now very simply and very cheaply build out your own load balanced cluster for as little as €80 per month.

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Dedicated Server Special Offer

A typical server "rack", commonly se...

Where currently doing a special offer on our DedicatedA range of servers – at only €69.95 per month.

The Servers come with the latest Centos 5.3 Operating system.

Included with this dedicated server is the following:

  • Full Root Access
  • Remote Reboot Capability
  • Unlimited Free IP Addresses with Justification
  • Fully Redundant Cisco Network
  • Secure state of the art data centre facility
  • Web Portal for easy invoice management and ticket tracking
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Any queries – Get in Touch